Transport Measures
Closures and other transport measures must be applied for at least 3 weeks in advance, giving the reasons why the action (blocking interval, full closures, routings, or equivalent) is required. In addition, spatial and temporal extent of the traffic measures must be provided. The measures can be approved only if they do not interfere with the overall traffic concept too much.


Stopping Restrictions
Applications for stopping restrictions must be placed separately. Here, the legal validity for the line-up of the signs must be observed. Stopping Signs must be placed 3 working days in advance (the day of pitching and the day of validity are not calculated herein). The request must specify for how many and what kind of vehicles the stopping zone is set up. A permit will only be granted for production vehicles necessary but not for image control systems; supernumeraries or private vehicles.


The road regulatory signs must be submitted by the applicant. This is done by using one of the following companies:

Ampel- und Verkehrstechnik E.E.R. Harald Lück
Mergenthaler Strasse 7
60388 Frankfurt am Main
T: +49 69 954 21 70
F: + 49 69 954 42 17 12
BKS Baustellen Komplett Service GmbH
Homburger Landstr. 412
60433 Frankfurt am Main
T: +49 69 93 99 84 70
F: +49 69 93 99 84  745
Ferdinand-Prosche-Strasse 21
60386 Frankfurt am Main
T: +49 69 212 45045
F: +49 69 212 45046
Offenbacher Landstr. 329
60599 Frankfurt am Main
T: 49 69 26 91 07 93
M. Sahner Baustellensicherung GmbH
Strahlenberger Weg 85
60599 Frankfurt am Main
T: +49 69 61 14 06