Dealing carefully with our nature, environment and energy as well as sustainable consumption is an important issue of our society. Due to social responsibility and economic necessity, there are especially the communities that find themselves confronted with the problems plus consequences of climate change locally. The City of Frankfurt has recognized the challenges of climate change as a cross section task and meets this with great commitment within the scope of the initiative Frankfurt Frankfurt Geen City.

Be a role model and show how film projects can be run in an effective and clean surrounding. It starts with waste reduction, the disposal of garbage and appropriately continues with the use of energy-saving devices and motor vehicles as little as possible. In order to reduce C02 emissions local service providers should be used in first instance. Frankfurt offers the right solutions and services for almost all requirements.

Crew Catering
Likewise, local caterer that offer regional and organically grown food should be used for the crew catering. Not only that this way the environment is protected, it also tastes much better! The remains of the catering should not end up in the rubbish bin, but donated (e.g. Frankfurter Tafel). For production companies, there are many ways to work resource-friendly. Join us, it’s about us and our environment!

Disposal of Garbage and Waste
FES, Frankfurt Disposal and Service GmbH is a company that offers complete packages of services around disposal and cleaning. For your needs, FES offers customized solutions, including comprehensive counseling services. FES disposes of waste professionally and in accordance with the legal provisions of the Recycling and Waste Management Act and the Commercial Waste Ordinance and cleans with the latest technology.

FES Frankfurter Entsorgungs- und Service GmbH
Weidenbornstrasse 60
60389 Frankfurt am Main
Service Center
T: +49 800 2008007 0
F: +49 69 212 31323

Environment Badge
Visitors from abroad must apply for the Evironment Badge! Apply for your Environment Badge prior to your visit to Germany! Since 2007 cities and municipalities direct vehicle restrictions for Green Emission Zones. The areas especially threatened by fine dust are marked with the sign 270.1 “Green Zone”. The obligatory additional sign regulates which vehicles with which Environment Badge are allowed. The obligatory additional sign regulates which vehicles with which color of Environmental Badges are allowed. Sign 270.2 cancels the Evironment Zone.

Vehicles without an Environmental Badge may not pass through the Green Zone, otherwise a penalty of 40.00 € will be due, even if the vehicle due to its emission level would be allowed. For this reason it is recommended that all drivers inform themselves about the Environmental Badges, and get them in due time in case they plan to enter one of the permanently growing number of Environment Zones.

GEMB Gesellschaft für Emissionsmanagement und Beratung GmbH
Helmholtzstr. 2 – 9
10587 Berlin
Michael Kroenert
T: +49 30 398 87 21 10
F: +49 30 398 87 21 29