From Latin America to Africa, Italy to Japan, in accordance with its multicultural population, Frankfurt offers an exceptional and broad range of film festivals.

B3 Biennale of Moving Images (October/November – every two years)
A festival platform that showcases the combination of film, television, communication, games, design, art and culture in an “Alliance of the Moving Images.”

Cuba im Film – Festival de Cine Cubano (May)
Presentation of new productions from Cuba plus works from film schools and independent filmmakers.

Días de Cine – Latain american Film Days (Oktober)
Presentation of films from Argentinia, Brasil, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Columbia, Mexiko, Paraguay, Perú and Uruguay.

European Filmfestival for Generations – Silver Screen (June)
The Intergenerational European Filmfestival promotes the idea of healthy ageing and improving quality of life for older people. The festival runs parallel in four German cities.

Fantasy Filmfest Nights (March)
The precursor to the Fantasy Filmfest, which takes place in August.

Fantasy Filmfest (September)
Fantasy, science fiction, horror films and thrillers – the festival shows the fascinating, sometimes scary world of fantasy films.

goEast Filmfestival (April)
New cinema in dialogue, youth development and film history, interdisciplinary – celebrates and promotes the diverse film industry of Central and Eastern Europe.

GORILLA 48 – Film Making Competition (May)
Writing, shooting, editing and scoring must be completed in just 48 hours – that’s the goal of the Gorilla 48 film making competition in Frankfurt.

LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt International (March)
The Festival for Cinema of the Rhine-Main Region and Frankfurt’s International Film Festival.

LUCAS – International Festival for Young Filmlovers (September)The oldest German Children’s and Youth Film Festival is a unique overview of the current global children’s and youth film production.

New Generations – Independent Indian Festival (November)
Unique in Germany , this Film Festival presents the highlights of the new Indian realism.

Nippon Connection – Japanese Film Festival (June)
The biggest platform for Japanese film in the world offers an extensive cultural program in addition to movies.

NODE – Festival for Digital Arts <(Spring – every two years)
NODE is an intermedial forum for the cross-border exchange between art, design and technologies in digital and interactive media.

Project K – The Korean Film Festival (November)
The festival delivers the best of Korean cinema to the German audience.

Short film festival with the best short films in Germany, presented at the most beautiful venues in the region.

Turkish Film Festival Frankfurt (November)
A traditional festival of Turkish film of to date of feature and documentary productions plus the latest productions of Turkish origin filmmakers in Germany.

VISIONALE –Hessian Youth Festival (November)
The biggest Hessian media festival for children, youth and professional filmmakers up to 27 years.