Hessen Film and Cinema Prize
The Hessen Film and Cinema Prize is awarded annually by the Hessian Ministry for Science and Art at the Old Opera House. The awards – Best Film, Best Documentary Film, Best Short Film, Hessian Screenplay Award, Hessian University Award, Hessian Culture Award for Commercial Cinemas and Hessian Culture Award for Municipal Cinemas – are worth a total of 247.500 Euros. Since 2007 the Hessen Television Prize (undoped) is given by the director of the Hessen Radio & TV station Hessischer Rundfunk (hr) in the categories Best Actress and Best Actor. In addition there is also a Honorary Award of the Hessian Prime Minister. As of 2017, the Hessian Newcomer Award will also be awarded by the Minister of Art and Culture. For more details please visit Hessen Film and Cinema Prize.


LUCAS Prizes
The juries, composed in equal parts of young film lovers and professionals from the field, award prizes in the 8+ and 13+ age groups for the best feature film (5,000 Euros) and for the best short or medium -length film (2,000 Euros). The prize for exceptional cinematic achievement (2,000 Euros) is also bestowed on an entry in the feature film category of the 13+ age group. In addition, there is the unendowed Audience Award and the ECFA Award, which is presented by a ECFA (European Children’s Film Association) jury. Since 2018, Cinema Without Borders has been presenting the Bridging The Borders Award, honoring films that cross borders and promote intercultural exchange. For more details on all the films in competition and winners, please visit


LICHTER Award and LICHTER Art Award
The Lichter Award, a bembel, will be awarded for the best regular-length film and best short flim. The bembels are donated with a prize money (3,000 Euros), that serves as inspiration for future film projects. The best short film recieves 1,000 Euros in cash, donated by Hessen Film Fund and a spot in the programme of the “Kurz und Hessisch” film tour in cooperation with the Hessian Film and Cinema office.  The winner of the LICHTER audience award recieves a price money of 2,000 Euro, donated by brewery BINDING ADLER. The LICHTER Art Award is an international competition for film and video artists. The content from the video works sent in range from conceptual to very ‘light’ visuals. The winner recieves a price money of 1,000 Euros. Since 2017 the LICHTER VR Storytelling Award and a prize money of 1,000€ is also awarded. For more details on. all the films in competition and winners, please visit LICHTER Awards.


visionale Awards
The visionale, the largest media festival in Hessen for children, young people and professional filmmakers up to 27 years of age, awards prizes with a total value of up to 6,000 Euros. The films and media products are evaluated by a jury in five categories: 0 – 11 years, 12 – 15 years, 16 – 19 years, 20 – 27 years and Young Professionals. In addition to annually varying jury prizes of up to €1,000 and a special film competition, Filmhaus Frankfurt also grants a scholarship of €750 for a Young Professional. More information can be found on the visionale festival website.


Short Film Award – Young Cuban Film
Since 2009 the festival CUBA IM FILM gives the Young Cuban Film Award. A jury of jung film students values the entries of shorts, ducumentaries, experimantal and animation films from the festival Muestra de Nuevos Realizadores as well as entries from the International School of Film and Television (EICTV) in San Antonio de los Baños. The prize is donated with 500 Euro. Find out all about the festival on the website of Cuba im Film.