In 794 first mentioned as Franconofurd, Frankfurt has since then been a growing culmination of cultural, economic and political events. Frankfurt is the center of one of the most productive and dynamic regions in the heart of Europe, one of the most important fair locations and financial capital. Here, impressively dense one finds all gathered what in culture, economic and financial world has ranking and names.

Backdrop for any Film Genre
Frankfurt with Germany’s most impressive skyline and its international and cosmopolitan flair offers various facets and varied contrasts. Here, on small space, modern urban and silent monasteries, classic Bauhaus architecture and medieval castles, Industrial area and idyllic landscape meet. Filmmakers love the incomparable mixture offered by this city and the region. Well networked transportation services and routes in the city and the area make Frankfurt a city of short distances. Moreover, the international airport and the railway junction offer uniquely fast connections and optimal conditions for access to all major markets worldwide. Frankfurt with Germany’s largest city-forest, nestled in the wooded mountains of Taunus, Odenwald, Spessart and Rheingau is also a beautiful recreation area.

Digital Hub – Backbone of Modern Production
Here in Frankfurt intersect domestic and international data networks and help understand that in the digital world, too all ways lead via Frankfurt. They are one of the key functions for the service and production site of Frankfurt and therefore form an important backbone for digital work and at the same time secure the global labor and production flow.