LOOK4THEM is the new film project of Tom Dokoupil and Otmar Hitzelberger. Their company „Open Lens“ with the Whithouse Studios has produced and published a variety of different films all of them independent and critical. Their topics are around social themes, human beings with profile and much more. All films from the Whitehous Studios and Open Lens make a difference and uncover hidden topics.

LOOK4THEM represents a young, flexible generation ready to face the world’s problems with unconventional but courageous methods. 4 young environmental activists campaign for ecological awareness. While pictures of their radical protest spread across the news, the group’s attention is already drawn to a new scandal: a sunken ship containing radioactive waste in a Normandy bay area, home of activist Inés. Her fight for the environment now becomes a fight for her family’s lives. To salvage the ship the crew need the exact coordinates and a huge amount of money. The only way: kidnapping the responsible for sinking the ship. Can they succeed as terrorists being new in the “business”?