PLAYOFF is a moving story of German-born basketball coach Max Stoller who became a national hero in Israel when he won the European Championship with Maccabi Tel Aviv in the late 70s. But equally quickly Max was branded a traitor after accepting the job of turning the hopeless West German national team into Olympic contenders. Which he achieved – a triumph. But Germany is no longer his Heimat. The only person Max is able to relate to is Turkish immigrant Deniz. Drawn to his shadowy past, Max discovers what happened to his family in the 1940s – it is not what he had expected.

Inspired by the life of Ralph Klein, Israel’s legendary basketball coach. The skript is written by David Akerman, Gidon Maron an Eran Riklis. Eran Riklis was also the director. Danny Huston, son of the legendary John Huston and grandson of Walter Huston and brother of Angelica Huston won for his role as Max Stoller the Best Actor Award at the Montreal Film Festival 2011. German Actors are Max Riemelt, Mark Waschke and Hanns Zischler.

The film was shot in Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and Bodensee and was funded by HessenInvest Film.

Playoff - Plakat/Cover