20 Oct 2014
October 20, 2014

Tour de Force – in German cinemas now

While on a cycling tour of Belgium, a close-knit group of friends must deal with one of their members’ decision to end his life with dignity, in this poignant and deeply felt drama.

Affecting and uplifting, Tour de Force tells the poignant story of a man attempting to exit his life with grace, and the close-knit group of friends who must struggle to accept his decision.

Every year, Hannes and his wife Kiki go on a cycling vacation with their friends, a trip as filled with customs and rituals as any family Christmas. This year, it is Hannes’s turn to choose the destination, and — to everyone’s puzzlement, chagrin even — he opts for Belgium. That disappointment evaporates as the group pedals across the gorgeous Flemish countryside, but a pall suddenly descends when Hannes discloses the real motive behind the trip: like his father before him, Hannes is struggling with the degenerative disease ALS, and his recent decline has been so sharp that he has chosen to end his life in Belgium, where assisted suicide is legal. Shocked, saddened, and thrown into turmoil, the group nevertheless decides to continue on their journey. As Hannes moves closer to his final destination, he, Kiki, and their friends not only find comfort in the traditions that have sustained their relationships through the years, but they learn how the ties that bind can also allow one to let go.

Directed by Christian Zübert, shot in Frankfurt and funded by HessenInvestFilm.

The movie starts in German cinemas 23 October.