25 Oct 2013
October 25, 2013

B3 Festival in Frankfurt 30.10.-3.11.2013

Under the key theme “Expanded Narration. Das neue Erzählen”, the festival section has compiled a selection of lectures, discussions and screenings that revolve around the moving image. In order to do justice to the diversity of the media forms, the first issue of the B3 Biennale focuses on six key areas: It is dedicated, profoundly, to the new TV series, which are regarded as “Mega Movies”, currently establishing themselves as a new form of epic narrative – and thereby initiating a summit meeting of the coming stars of the respective genres at an international level. New narrative formats are also being tested in the development of computer games. Our games sector illuminates the technical and contextual innovations of the genre and their design and participation potential.

Immersion is the term used to describe immersion of the viewer into the moving image. This key theme shows how dome movies and other new projection technologies enable narrative to be shown beyond the limitations of the rectangular screen. The moving image would seem to be conquering the public space, thus B3 is bringing creative people from all over the world to discuss the new dimensions and opportunities of immersion. The digital revolution has allowed for the birth of new, transmedial forms of narrative, i.e. those whichcross-over into different media. In the certainty that transmedia will become a key cultural issue in the coming decades, the Festival will be showing the innovative power of these new formats and introducing some major transmedial storytellers.

The B3 Biennale moreover offers the space for cinematic experimentation – in search of a new Cinema. With this in mind, the Festival is introducing projects that demonstrate some extraordinary ways of combining media, or linking cinema with figurative art. The significance of moving images to art is also increasing year by year. The B3’s Art focus presents the central positions of topical video art – this includes several German premieres, among them works by Candice Breitz, Julika Rudelius, and Richard Mosse.

B3 Festival
October 30 to November 3, 2013, Frankfurt